Travelling Light

After the Cameron Highlands, it was back to KL for a few days. It felt lovely to be back. We didn’t have a view of the famous Petronas Towers, but I still love to have any view of the city at night, especially when the sky lights up every few seconds with fireworks (it’s Diwali) or lightning (it’s stormy).


It’s worth going to see the towers up close anyway, I think they’re beautiful.


The next part of the trip will be Singapore for a couple of days, and then Indonesia for 4 or 5 weeks.

Welcome to the “Travelling Light” experiment!

It has been a real (mental and physical) pain hauling 3 heavy bags around Malaysia. We only took one flight – KL to Penang – with hand luggage each and one checked-in bag. But even when travelling by bus or train, and moving every week, or every few days sometimes, exhausting and annoying to have so much stuff. I know that I could have survived with WAY less, particularly as we always had access to a washing machine or laundry service. So this time we’ve got one backpack each and this is ALL we’re bringing with us to survive the next month or so across Singapore and Indonesia.

Personal context: the first time I went for a weekend trip to London (i.e. two nights) I brought a large hand luggage bag and a small suitcase to check onto the flight. What can I say? I like to have options. So for me, this is a very unnatural step and a particular challenge. Will I survive? Wish me luck!


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